Board Training - Ongoing Director Training and Development Videos

Board Briefs videos offer an ideal way to incorporate ongoing education into Board meetings!

Key Features

  • Self-contained videos of 15 to 20 minutes each
  • Designed to be used during Board meetings
  • Best practice information on governance practices and current important topics
  • Questions that prompt discussion and decision-making for your situation
  • Team building for your Board and senior management team
  • Facilitation tips and techniques for the discussion leader
  • An economic solution to achieve director education

The result is alignment and agreement on what actions your Board will take to improve its governance and performance.

Select a Governance Topic video to review and discuss at your next Board Meeting! 

(Price for each video $297.)

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Duties of Directors

"Understanding your Legal Obligations"

  • Understanding the 9 essential duties
  • Practical means of applying your legal requirements
  • Putting the law into perspective
  • Breach of fiduciary duty case study - the Gemini case
  • Facilitation Guide
  • Length  15 minutes

Fundamental Governance Principles

"Getting the Big Picture"

  • Governance and best practice definitions
  • Governance structures - the agency model
  • Fundamental governance principles
  • Essential Board Responsibilities
  • Facilitation Guide
  • Length 18 minutes    

Role of the Board

Defining the Character of your Board

  • Understanding role versus responsibilities
  • Transform's "Governance Evaluation Model - GEM"
  • Board behavior patterns and the governance role life cycle 
  • Typical roles and actions of the Board compared to management
  • Application questions
  • Facilitation Guide
  • Length 17 minutes  

 Board Responsibilities

Your Accountabilities as a Director

  • The 8 broad responsibilities of the Board
  • Tasks associated with each responsibility
  • Practical implementation techniques
  • Good governance best practice insights
  • Facilitation Guide
  • Length 23 minutes

Delegation of Authority Policies

Defining the Decisions you Delegate

  • Understanding delegation to management
  • Key factors in delegation
  • Good governance best practice example
  • Special issues to consider
  • Facilitation Guide
  • Length 18 minutes 

CEO Performance Assessment

Practical Evaluation Techniques

  • Board assessment policy and performance evaluation process
  • Linking Corporate and CEO performance
  • Defining expectations
  • Performance feedback and compensation impacts
  • Facilitation Guide
  • Length 16 minutes

Risk Management

Identify, Mitigate and Monitor Perils 

  • Developing your risk management process
  • Identifying your risks, likelihood and impacts
  • Reducing risks through mitigation strategies
  • Dealing with problems and crises
  • Facilitation Guide
  • Length  17 minutes

Orientation and Ongoing Education

Maximizing the Contribution of Directors

  • Organizing new Director orientations
  • Board Manual content and utilization
  • Helping individual Directors develop
  • Providing meaningful Board education
  • Facilitation Guide
  • Length  17 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions 

Our Directors have lots of experience, why is ongoing education necessary?

Well qualified Directors are a real asset, but they need to continue growing as individuals and as a group.  Developing a common understanding and way of implementing governance best practices is critical to the Board and the organization's success. 

What is the arrangement for purchasing the videos?

Your organization purchases individual videos through our online streaming service provider. The videos are then available 24/7 and you can watch them online as many times as you wish - there is no limit.  We consider this an organization license for unlimited use by your Board and employees. 

How should we use these videos?

The videos have been developed to be used as short education sessions that can be run during your Board meetings. We have found that short, focused training followed by a discussion on what changes should be implemented is the most effective way of achieving improvement and change.

Are the topics relevant to my specific organization?

We have developed the videos in a manner that makes them applicable to all types of organizations. The information focuses governance best practices and their implementation in dealing with the current challenges any type of Board must address.



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