Improve your Strategic Plans through Innovative Facilitation

Strategic planning facilitation is a process used to focus decision-makers on key issues and successfully reach agreement on the actions to be taken.  Using a facilitator allows the Chair and CEO to participate fully in the session.  Some additional benefits of strategic plan development facilitation either in live sessions or virtually using Zoom or MS Teams include:

  • Using a structured approach to the discussions
  • Encouraging quieter participants to fully engage
  • Subtly limiting the influence of more vocal participants
  • Animating discussions by challenging prevailing assumptions  
  • Summarizing the essence of the discussion and testing participant acceptance
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Our Approach

We assist organizations with the development and refining of their Strategic Plan for the mid to long term as well as their annual Business Plan.   We also work with Executives and Directors to critically assess their business using a variety of different analysis models that fit your particular situation and challenges.

We assist you with the analysis by asking thought-provoking questions to challenge your thinking so you can deliberate and agree on the best strategies for your organization.  We also promote creative ways of documenting your strategy in a simple and effective manner.


"Jacques is the only consultant that I have worked with that has consistently received the confidence and respect of both Directors and management.  And that continues to be achieved."

David Scriven, VP Research and Corporate Secretary, TSSA

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps in your process?

We typically start by learning as much as I can about your organization through documentation and discussions with some of your key people.  We then agree on what you want to accomplish and the type of process you would like to use.  This can include bottom up approaches obtaining input from employee groups rising up to the executive and Board level.  

Alternatively, we work with the senior management team to develop the basic analysis and we then have a workshop with the Board to further explore issues, opportunities and agree on some fundamental options.  Management then develops this information into a more comprehensive plan for presentation to the Board for approval.  

In either case the goal is the same, a strategic plan or business plan, documented in a brief and succinct format that you can actually use because it captures specific actions to be completed and the performance targets to be met. 

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Do you use traditional techniques like SWOT analyses or other methods?

We use a variety of techniques to achieve your goals.  Sometimes that includes developing or redeveloping your Vision, Mission and Values as well as doing various types of assessments including environmental scans, competitor profiling, risk management matrices, market/sector analyses, financial evaluations as well other types of approaches like SWOT and other methods.  

The key is that we do not have a set process, but a set of tools that we can use to best meet your needs and situation.  We also help you determine what type of analysis and discussion process would be best.  Sometimes this involves scenario planning and other strategic management processes that will generate the best outcome.  The methods we use are intended to really get your team to focus on what is important to do now to properly affect your future outcomes.

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