Director Development - Educating and Preparing Directors for Success 

The Director's Challenge

New Directors want to do their best, but some are not aware of what is expected of them or how Boards work.  They understand that corporate governance education is important, but many can't afford the time or cost of enrolling in a major program. 

We recognize this challenge and offer a variety of training workshops that we tailor to your organization's needs.  This training and education focuses on the practical aspects of good governance so Directors acquire tools and techniques to achieve immediate benefits .  

Jacques Levesque has developed these insights from working as a successful governance consultant with a variety of clients for 15 years as well as a CEO, Director and Board Chair throughout his career.  Our training and development is based on what works, not just theory. 


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Our Services - Training and Development on:

- Duties of Directors
- Financial Literacy
- Audit Committee Responsibilities and Methods
- Delegation of Authority Policies
- The Board's Role in Strategic Planning
- CEO Performance Management
- Board Meeting Planning and Management
- IT/IS Governance and Cyber-security

Your Results - Your Directors will benefit by:

- Understanding their roles and responsibilities
- Gaining practical skills and knowledge
- Applying good governance best practices in an effective manner
- Identifying opportunities for improvement
- Increasing their confidence
- Contributing more rapidly to the organization
- Team building within the Board


"It was very clear to us that Jacques was well qualified and his workshop design and development, and his facilitation skills were outstanding"
Nora M. Kelly, Deputy Minister, New Brunswick Ministry of Health and Wellness.

"Board Members were very engaged with your presentation and insight on the topic.  You were able to keep the group energized and interested in the subject at hand and we very much appreciated your guidance.  It was a very successful workshop...."
Ann Warren, Chair, Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Our Directors have lots of experience, why is ongoing education necessary? 

Well-qualified Directors are a real asset, but they need to continue growing as individuals and as a group.  Developing a common understanding and way of implementing governance best practices is critical to the Board and the organization's success. 

How do you structure your workshops?

We provide a combination of information on best practices as well as practical techniques that fit your organization's needs. We work with you to understand the particular circumstances and challenges of your situation and customize our examples, cases and questions to make the workshop meaningful and useful. 

What training should we provide? 

A new Director's Orientation is the best way to get started by providing information about your organization as well as your governance.  This includes informing Directors of their role, responsibilities and performance expectations.

You can provide ongoing education to the whole Board at meetings to inform them of new developments in your sector as well as innovative governance practices and risks for them to consider.

Finally, you may wish to provide your Directors with education and training opportunities that would fit their individualized needs.  This is best achieved through discussions between the Board Chair and each Director.

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