Executive Coaching

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Executive coaching

Our Unique Advantage 

Jacques Levesque brings his experience and skills as a CEO, certified corporate coach, consultant and facilitator as well as his extensive business and leadership background to help think through your issues and opportunities and the best solution for you.

Jacques adapts his approach to either act strictly as a coach or a consultant, or alternatively to blend  both abilities, knowledge and experience for your benefit.  

We help you to improve your abilities in:

  • Leadership styles and methods
  • Problem solving
  • Strategy and risk analysis
  • Conflict management
  • Working with your Board of Directors
  • Dealing with challenging employees

Our role includes:

  • Working on your agenda of challenges and opportunities
  • Acting as a sounding board
  • Concentrating on the key issues or problems to address
  • Providing insights on alternative options to consider
  • Challenging you to formulate viable solutions, no matter how difficult
  • Holding you accountable to implementing your solutions

Our Services

Working with you we:

  • Clarify your goals and desired outcomes
  • Understand your challenges and needs
  • Create a specific improvement plan for you
  • Develop the appropriate development tools
  • Deliver the training, education and coaching
  • Follow-up with assignments and progress reports
  • Monitor your progress and additional needs

Your Results

You will:

  • Become a stronger leader
  • Manage people and projects more effectively
  • Overcome challenges and problems 
  • Gain the respect of others
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Improve your performance
  • Transform the culture of your team

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is your coaching experience? 
Jacques is a certified Coach from Corporate Coach University and has worked with a variety of senior managers and executives in government, corporations, trade associations and not for profit organizations.

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Jacques Levesque, executive coach

How is coaching structured and what are your fees?

We find that a 6 or 12 month coaching project produces the best results.  We typically meet with you once or twice a month and then give you time to test and implement the actions you think are most appropriate.  This allows sufficient time for you to obtain feedback on your plan and then either discuss adjustments or move on to the next topic.

Our fees depend on the length of the coaching assignment and the number of times you wish to meet every month.  




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