Good Governance - Improvement from Director Self-Assessment

What is a Board Evaluation?

Board evaluation uses the judgment of Directors or Trustees to assess the functioning of the Board compared to governance best practices. The process is usually administered by a third party to ensure independence and confidentiality. 

Governance Reviews  differ in that they are a broader assessment by the Directors, Executives and an independent governance expert to determine the organization's current state of governance well-being.

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Transform's Governance Evaluation Model - "GEM"

We work with you to find the right approach to your Governance Review by using our "GEM".  The model allows us to ensure that all components of good governance best practices are considered in your project.   

We recognize that "one size does not fit all" and we customize the various elements  of the model to meet your particular requirements.

Our Services

A confidential process tailored to your needs:

  • Assessing your Board, Committees and/or Chairs
  • Customizing appropriate questionnaires
  • Administering an online survey
  • Interviewing each Director
  • Observing your meetings
  • Producing an evaluation report and analysis
  • Facilitating a Board discussion of the findings.

Your Results

Your Directors will benefit from:

  • Sharing their views candidly
  • Understanding other Directors' perspectives
  • Agreeing on what needs to change
  • Developing an action plan for improvement
  • Growing the sense of team for the Board.


"Jacques found ways of keeping participant interest high while ensuring important information was communicated in an effective manner.  He is also responsive to his audience and is an effective event manager ensuring that schedules are respected and all logistics run smoothly."

Don Ariss, Chair, HEPCOE Credit Union

Frequently Asked Questions 

How often should a Board complete a Board evaluation?

Good governance best practices suggest that the Directors should take stock of their situation once a year.  This is mostly because Boards are so often focused on the specific issues of the organization during meetings that they rarely have an opportunity to discuss how the Directors are working together and what changes to processes and structures might be appropriate.

Evaluations or assessments provide a process to promote self reflection on the operating effectiveness of the Board and then a structured facilitated session to candidly discuss the issues and agree on the improvements that should be made.

Transform Management Consulting, board of directors, board evaluation, governance reviews, governance education, governance solutions
Transform Management Consulting, board of directors, board evaluation, governance review, governance solutions, Facilitation

Why do you obtain the input of senior managers as well as Directors?

Senior managers who interact with the Board have unique insights on the culture and functioning of the Board and its Committees.  Obtaining their candid insights on relationships among the Directors and the effectiveness of meetings is important to gain a complete perspective of your governance.

How Long does a Board Assessment take?

A review can take anywhere from 1 to  3 months to complete.  The most significant factors are developing an appropriate questionnaire, interviewing the Directors and senior management ( if that option is selected), and then scheduling the feedback session for a Board meeting.





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