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 Governance, Facilitation
Strategic Planning,
Executive Coaching,
Training and Development

Consulting and Facilitation Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our Services

  • Board evaluations and assessments
  • Governance reviews and audits
  • Director training and development
  • Strategic planning
  • Facilitation of meetings, workshops and events
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership skills training and development
  • Management style and team building
  • Corporate governance education and consulting

Your Results: We transform your...

  • Board into a dynamic value added asset
  • Governance into effective leadership and oversight
  • Strategic plan into a practical tools for action
  • Leadership abilities and management styles to achieve exceptional results
  • Management group into a cohesive and effective team
  • Meetings into efficient processes with tangible outcomes

Jacques Levesque, Transform Management Consulting, Ottawa, facilitator, business coach

Jacques Levesque, the CEO of Transform Management Consulting, is the adviser to Board Chairs, CEOs and executives who demand excellence.

He has a passion for applying practical approaches to corporate governance, developing action-oriented strategic planning and innovative facilitation that generates exceptional results.

He brings his extensive experience as a CEO, Chair, Director, certified Coach and Facilitator to provide practical solutions and new perspectives to the challenges at Board of Directors and Executive levels.


"Jacques demonstrates a wonderful grasp of governance issues and their application in a variety of circumstances.  He uses his experience to advantage to bring a practical perspective to the material."

Cynthia Currie, Chairperson, National Farm Products Council

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you combine consulting services on projects?

We have found that one of our distinguishing features is that we respond to our clients' needs by using a combination of services for their projects. 

For example, a governance review project will include applying best practices, facilitating a workshop and coaching the Board and Chair to develop and implement your action plan.  Achieving a successful outcome to the project is often dependent on combining our management consulting services.

Do you work outside of Ottawa?

We travel to client locations across Canada to complete projects. Much of our work is performed from our Ottawa offices in preparation for a training session or workshop, but is delivered on site with you or we can work with you virtually using applications like Zoom or MS Teams.

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How do you tailor the consulting project to our needs?

We begin by understanding your goals and objectives for the project and review all pertinent governance and strategy material on your organization. We then select the facilitation and/or governance best practices to best meet your requirements. 

We believe that the principles of effective strategic planning, governance or facilitation remain constant, but their processes and application should be adapted to meet your needs.

What are your fees?

Our management consulting fees depend on the specific requirements of a project. Please contact us and we will provide a proposed fee for a project based on the work to be performed.


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